Arun Duplicate Bridge Club

The Arun Duplicate Bridge Club meets twice weekly
(Monday and Friday evenings starting at 6.30pm until 10.00pm) in the Barn East Preston Village Hall.
The Club was started in September 1987 as a friendly and social place to play bridge at a reasonable club level.
New Members receive a Members Handbook which contains the club rules,description of our competitions and a summary of basic
The evenings are organised and run by our own member directors with a break for Tea/Coffee part way through the evening.

Our joining fee is £10 with the subscription for the year of £25. There is also a charge of £2.00 table money (£3.00 for visitors)

Please contact Margaret on 01903 340756 for any further information or email . A partner for the evening can also be arranged should you wish to come and visit us.